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Villa MANIS Bali

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Villa Manis has set the mood and ambience for both interior and exterior with quality furniture and decoration. There are such nice relaxing environments outside, on the patio or on the sunbed. All areas are well decorated making this a quality villa. All the products you see can be sourced by us. Are you not seeing a product that you would still like? Ask us if we have it.

Bayu Trading International has a wide variety of specialities and we have accomplished many projects over the years. One of our specialities is fulfilling the role of a furniture agent. Our quality network allows us to get the best manufacturer for your project. We deliver for both interior and exterior.

What is a furniture agent?

A furniture agent buys your furniture and oversees the manufacturing to ensure quality-controlled products. This is a possibility to have custom made furniture of high quality created just for your project. After this the custom made furniture is then shipped to your location. On our website, we have several other projects listed for you to go through. It shows the possibilities of what we can deliver.

More than just a furniture agent

We are more than just a furniture agent. We are a one-stop supplier for your needs and this includes amenities, decoration, primitive art, statues, lightening and a lot more. We have over 40000 products. Do you have a project or do you have questions for us? Contact us