• KMO Boutique front design and sign
  • Wall covering furniture to display jewelry and drawers
  • Bayu International Trading Wall furniture decoration design for jewelry
  • Jewelry furniture and suspension clothing rack
  • Boutique KMO wall jewelry circular hole cavity with jewelry display
  • Boutique display jewelry spherical stainless steel and glass
  • creative way to display jewelry in spherical stainless steel with glass and lamp
  • Kings arm charin in silver with silver jewel decoration
  • Boutique KMO wall decor for display jewelry
  • Mirror on the wall and small table display for jewelry
  • Creative cash register with clothing display
  • Bali statue for in a boutique shop

Bouqitue KMO Bali

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Bayu International Trading carried out the design and manufacture of all the furniture, displays, jewelry holder and clothes rack for this KMO boutique.
The main piece of this decoration project is the drawer cabinet for jewelry that occupies a whole side of the shop.
It is equipped with round cavities that look like portholes, they are used to display jewelry.
Also, note the very beautiful silver king’s armchair and the display case consisting of 2 stainless steel spheres with incorporated lighting.