• natural drie fibre roofing as entrance providing tropical atmosphere
  • Pagoda entrance restaurant with natural dried fibre grass
  • Stone entrance arch with a warm welcoming atmosphere
  • Tropical decoration for restaurants. Woven rattan baskets for plant and a small statue. The construction pillar is also decorated
  • Shaders for outdoor. Roof made from natural grass and parasol with natural fibres. Exotic vibes for any F&B establishment
  • Restaurant furniture for warm welcome with atmosphere. The chairs are woven from fibre with sumbrella seating. The square tables are mae of quality wood., The decor and suspension lighting sure give it a tropical vibe. Neat decking and flooring
  • Restaurant outdoor decking and flooring. Outdoor restaurant furniture with a tropical vibe and comfort
  • wooden chairs for the restaurant. Long rectangular table and smaller square tables. The bar is made with stone and wood. Decorative bookcase in the background
  • L shaped bar made from stone and wood
  • Restaurant decor for groups. Suspension lighting with a decorative bookcase. The table is long and rectangular made from quality wood. The chairs are seated with comfortable sumbrellas
  • Restaurant couple setting or groups of 2. Each square table with a comfortable chair.
  • Outdoor setting for restaurant. equipped with low tables, lazy boys and shaders with natural fibre grass. Excellent vibes for a getaway for your guests
  • Customized DJ booth for outdoor. Decorated with natural grass fibre roofing an d black painted bamboo and wood. THis DJ booth is unique in every way
  • Outoor bamboo furniture for restaurants with comfortable sumbrella cushioning. Great for groups to enjoy the tropical vibes of the restaurant.
  • Luxury picnic setting with comfortable cushioning to sit on. Low tables and natural fibre grass parasol
  • Inspiration beach front furniture from Indonesia Bali. designed for comfort for guest, with a tropical vibe
  • Mano outoor setting and decor/ Excellent furniture from bamboo and uality wood. comfortable arm chair and sofa
  • Outdoor restaurant setting with tropical vibe and setting. The seats are lazy boys and luxury arm chairs. Comfortable design with natural fibre grass parasol
  • Swimmingpool decking and stone
  • unique shader made from natural fibre grass. For any F&B with outdoor potential
  • Suspension lighting designed for tropical vibes. Made from natural fibre. It lights up the restaurant in the right way
  • outdoor wooden dividers
  • Stone walls from tiles and from stones
  • restaurant mano furnish and decoration
  • Wooden roofing at Mano. Furnish and decor from top to bottom
  • dcorate walls in your restaurant with paintings, a shelf with statues and some rattan woven baskets on the floor
  • Mano decoration built in the wall


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A beautiful decorated and furnished F&B establishment. This is a just an example and source of inspiration what we could do as a sourcing agent. Is your restaurant project starting soon? Are you looking for decoration, furniture, or supplies or do you have any questions about what is possible.

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