• Villa D'amour Balinese style decorated
  • Swimming pool furniture with ergonomic sunbeds
  • iron forged perfola for outdoor
  • bamboo roll blinds and outdoor furniture set next to the swimming pool
  • Dining area with round table in the villa
  • Indonesian primitive art in a contemporary setting
  • Coffee table and sofas by bayu trading international
  • Red furnished cotton sofas
  • Living room decoration of villa d'amour
  • Dining area and decoration
  • Kitchin furniture made from wood for the villa
  • cupboard and closet furniture by bayu international trading
  • Kitchen furniture bayu international trading
  • 030 beroom villa d'amour bayu international trading
  • 2 beds in the bedroom of this Balinese villa
  • Inspiring decoration for the villa bedroom with a make-up mirror
  • private bathroom for the bedroom villa d'amour
  • lighting and painting decoration for villa bedroom
  • Bathroom ecoration villa damour with cupboard furniture
  • bathroom decoration with painting and primitive Indonesian totem
  • Balinese villa patio furniture made from wood for outdoor
  • outdoor patio furniture villa damour
  • villa beroom d'amour decoration contemporary colonial style
  • carved furniture by bayu international trading
  • Villa bedroom ecoration by bayu international trading
  • Villa d'amour bathroom bayu international trading
  • contemporary bedroom decoration for villa d'amour
  • bathroom decoration by bayu international trading
  • bathroom murror and furnishment
  • customized Hospitality supply by bayu international trading

Villa D’AMOUR Bali

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The ‘villa d’amour ‘, is a large villa of 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, located in Seminyak, Bali. It is decorated in the colonial/modern Balinese style, libraries, tv rack, consoles, kitchen, and bathroom furniture. We added some old carved furniture, small sofa, large coffee table etc.

The seats are colonial style and with leather or cotton cushions. For the terrace, we choose plastic fiber sunbed of ergonomic shape as well as an iron and marble table, matched with metal and batyline seat, protected under a forged iron pergola.

For the decoration, we have placed several old primitive statues and others more contemporary style, and some Balinese paintings, primitive, aboriginal or abstract style.

Large bamboo blinds and fabrics protect the living room, which is open, during the tropical rain