• The front of Beach Front Zanzibar with a large wooden sign and table and chair for this F&B
  • swimming pool with wooden decking surrounded by comfortable sofa beds with sumbrella cushion and parasol for shade
  • Zanzibar swimming pool furniture. Sofa bed with sumbrella an cushion. Luxe and tropical feel for any F&B
  • Wall decoration for restaurant with huge mirrors and vases
  • Rattan Woven arm chairs andrectangle dining table. Perfect for any F&B
  • Rattan Woven arm chairs andrectangle dining table. Perfect for any F&B
  • Huge vase and plant with a woven net. Perfect for decorating
  • Fibre woven sofa's with sumbrella and cushion. Comfortable with a coffee table
  • Corner design of the restaurant. Book case filled with woven pots. Decorative mirrors on the wall and a rattan sofa with some stools and a coffee table
  • Zanzibar long sofa with sumbrella. Armchairs and a dining table. The back has a glass bookcase. Lighting with rattan suspension lamps
  • Zanzibar wall decoration. Suspenlamps made from woven natural fibre.
  • Zanzibar suspension lamps made from rattan in a restaurant setting. Under the lighting is the dining table made from hard wood and some woven arm chairs
  • vases and woven basket for plants with rattan suspension lamps
  • Zanzibar skylight and suspension lamps Bayu Trading
  • Restaurant counter and bar with tropical lamp hoods in the back and shelf to display drinks
  • Suspension lamp hoods in long lengthy shape made from natural fibers
  • Dining setting for F&B decorated and furnished with wooden tables and comfortable arm chairs
  • Tropical Restaurant round table and fibre woven arm chair
  • Outdoor dining setting with parasol an 2 square tables with woven fiber chairs. Zanzibar Bali


This F&B establishment is an excellent source of inspiration for what is possible. Near the beach with amazing views where customers can comfortably relax on the sofa or chairs. Having an establishment well decorated and with proper furniture can give the experience what you want to offer to your customers. Restaurants and other F&B establishments around the world order furniture, hospitality supplies and decoration at Bayu International Trading. Contact us for any enquiries.

Do you see anything you like, from sign to decking. You can ask us the possibilities about your project