Welcome to the official Bayu International Trading website.

Over the last thirty years, the cultural wealth of the Indonesian island of Bali has become world famous for the elegance of it’s architecture and the fineness of it’s interior and exterior design. Balinese inspired private villas and luxury resorts are international benchmarks in terms of design and decoration.

Inspired by this influence, Bayu International Trading has developed it’s business following this growing evolution, in terms of design, interior and exterior furniture and decoration.

Specialising in sourcing, our field knowledge and collaboration with a network of local partners gives you access to a large selection of products and services. Ranging from Decoration, fabrics, lighting, garden furniture, to interior decoration, the team at Bayu International Trading is here to meet your needs and those of your clients.

Bayu International Trading caters for needs in projects of creation and design, encouraging custom made furniture and decorative furnishings, the supplies and manufacturing are all based in Indonesia, between Java and Bali, and exports all over the world.

 Bayu International Trading has accomplished many projects over the years, including luxury villas, resorts, restaurants and more, of which you can discover a few on this site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to share your most ambitious projects of interior and exterior design, we will help you fulfil them.