Indonesia and Balinese are famous for their handicrafts and woodwork. Woodcarving is an ancient art form of art and has been improved by the artisans of Bali. Some of these master artisans have become famous across Indonesia and even outside in the world. We source handicrafts for decoration, furnishing and even abstract art. We can find them in all sizes for you. The handicrafts are all unique and handmade. Do you have any idea what kind of handicrafts you want? Don’t hesitate to contact us we have a catalogue with over 20 000 items for you to browse through.

We do not limit ourselves sourcing only for wooden handicrafts. We also have an excellent network for stone-carvers making statues from large to small. For Balinese people, the stonework is of great importance. You can see this how they decorate their gardens, temples and hospitality businesses. The stone-carvers honed their skills by years long of practice. Most famous stone sculptures are Ganesha, Buddha statues, garden sculptures. Are you looking for a particular stone-carved decoration? Let us know