• Villa La Reunion Modern Minimalist decoration
  • modern minimalist interior design using massive teak wood furniture from Bali Indonesia
  • Javanese style furniture solid teak wood by Bayu Trading International
  • Exterior minimalist modern design
  • Bedroom furniture design with wall decoration from Bali Indonesia
  • Solid teak indonesian sofa with cushion from Bali Bayu International Trading
  • Solid Teak Sofa with cushion from Bali by Bayu trading
  • Massive teak furniture for the bathroom. Kitchen sink and mirror
  • Solid teak furniture in Villa La Reunion by Bayu Trading International
  • Minimalist Javanese Interior decor and design for Villa Reunion
  • Bathroom furniture minimalist teak furniture
  • Bedroom Decor inspired with furniture from Bali
  • Solid suar dining table
  • Solid teak furniture bedroom Bayu International Trading
  • Braided fiber furniture by Bayu International Trading
  • Bedroom decoration with paintings from Bali
  • Bedroom design for Villa La Reunion
  • Textiles sourced from Bali Indonesia


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This villa, intended to be a guest house, is located on Reunion island.

The owner wanted a modern and minimalist style decoration, even if she has integrated some old Balinese or Javanese sculpted old furniture.
Most modern furniture use massive teak with a natural fine ponce finish, large bench, sofa, round table, folding chairs, small armchairs, beds and night tables, meridian, desk, tv furniture, bathroom cabinet, etc

For some teak furniture, the owner optioned, in one of the bedrooms, for a ceruse finish, wardrobe, mirror, desk table, chair, small drawer furniture, etc

The dining room table consists of a heavy plate in solid suar wood with 10cm of a thickness of natural finish agremente of chair in aluminum and braided synthetic fiber.
For the cushions, we have used different fabrics of which a large choice can be found in Bali, cotton, sumbrella, sailing etc

Customers also order all the paintings installed in her house according to the models sent to us by email.